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LONG ! Have we waited for the Return!!

Thanks to all of the hard work at Nostalrius and the Elysium Project we will be returning, with beers in hand! We have a solid roster of 43+ and a few new members to boot.

Team Blackout has spent some time bouncing between different Wow servers and games together for the past months all feeling like ya these are “Pants” but not those …DAMN! I look good in these pants… and with Nostalrius coming back we are like the prodigal son/daughters returning home.

Follow us on Twitter now Docken@wowteamblackout where we will be posting highlights and other bits of entertaining, invaluable and amazing bits of information about the guild. (keep your eyes open for links and information streaming TBO raids)

In the near future we hope to have some You Tube videos for your viewing pleasure. In the mean time please enjoy these possibly less then amazing images from our stress test participation !  Amazing numbers and very solid experience !

Contact us via our Team Blackout Forums or Here on the Elysium forums ! 


That big ol nail in the lair of blackwing has been pounded by the Team Blackout hammer!!! NEF IS DOWN!!! BOOOSSSHHHHH !!! GRTZ EVERYONE! We are looking forward to gearing to the teeth and preparing for AQ 20 and 40 !!! LETS GET SOME !

Lets keep the drinks flowing !

Big Biggity Big BIG!

BIG BIG BIG !!! Only a few weeks into raids and we have blown through all of Molten Core. Major Domo is dead, Ragnaros is dead and Onxyia is dead and Black Wing Lair is set in our cross hairs. Team Blackout has become the legendary hammer of Nostalrius, and when we look around all we see are nails!

We have been thrown ‘em back and kicking ass we look forward to continued challenges in BWL and beyond!

9/10 Second week in MC and Team Blackout is almost ready for Rag

Only our second week in MC and we are rolling bosses faster and faster. I think Rag fears us coming this week !!

Team Blackout is now 3/10 Molten Core

Molten Core, <Team Blackout> rang the doorbell at the house house of Ragnerous last week an was told to go home. This week Blackout bolstered its numbers and welcomed a few new friends, and decided to walk kick in the Mother F$#*+#$ front door!
We successfully blasted our way to Lucifron and had two knock down drag out fights and needless to say we were standing at the end of the day. I think the “imp boss” was harder the this guy!
A short stroll down the hall way and a few flawless core hound packs later Magmadar wasn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Our in house hunter and an on his toes guest like a pair of America snipers kept this from a “why you so mad bro enrage fit”. One trial round and a second round for good measure and we sent this puppy to the pound!
Getting closer to the end of our scheduled raid time we decided … Ehh Gehennas  was more of a once and done boss. With almost flawless execution we drop him on our first go round great job decursers !!
Special thanks to guests we had along for the run, thank you for  joining us and for your cooperation.
Get Blacked Out! Visit our forums !

Welcome !

Welcome, we are a Nostalrius based WOW guild. We are a guild based around a group of real life friends, all of which are experienced vanilla WOW players. Our guild is based on the East Coast, US so our play and raid times will be according to this.

Yes! We are looking for new members of all classes and specs / builds! (Level 25+) We would expect all applicants be 18 years + we have an unfiltered environment for conversation and jokes remember games are about having fun and enjoying ourselves as much as raids / PvP / and big phat loots.

Most of our current 50~ active members are in the level 20-40 level range and climbing we do our best to be guild inclusive in our grouping and questing. Meaning if there’s room try and fill it with a guild mate before you look for other work players (within reason).

We have the goal of becoming raid ready as soon as possible and working progression style into as much content as we can manage while still understanding people have real lives, wives, husbands, kids and life events etc… etc… Raid tines and days have not been set yet. As well the general consensus of most members is a loot council will be the best option but again not set in stone yet. Also willingness to spec into specific builds to maximum raiding effectiveness of your class for a given circumstance is appreciated.

Thanks for reading hope you will join us!

Guild Master Docken

Getting website Started

Hi Guys… not a web Guru by any means but wanted to give us somewhere to chat and share info….

If  anyone is really good with this stuff and wants to help out let me know.