Monthly Archives: December 2016

LONG ! Have we waited for the Return!!

Thanks to all of the hard work at Nostalrius and the Elysium Project we will be returning, with beers in hand! We have a solid roster of 43+ and a few new members to boot.

Team Blackout has spent some time bouncing between different Wow servers and games together for the past months all feeling like ya these are “Pants” but not those …DAMN! I look good in these pants… and with Nostalrius coming back we are like the prodigal son/daughters returning home.

Follow us on Twitter now Docken@wowteamblackout where we will be posting highlights and other bits of entertaining, invaluable and amazing bits of information about the guild. (keep your eyes open for links and information streaming TBO raids)

In the near future we hope to have some You Tube videos for your viewing pleasure. In the mean time please enjoy these possibly less then amazing images from our stress test participation !  Amazing numbers and very solid experience !

Contact us via our Team Blackout Forums or Here on the Elysium forums !