Team Blackout is now 3/10 Molten Core

Molten Core, <Team Blackout> rang the doorbell at the house house of Ragnerous last week an was told to go home. This week Blackout bolstered its numbers and welcomed a few new friends, and decided to walk kick in the Mother F$#*+#$ front door!
We successfully blasted our way to Lucifron and had two knock down drag out fights and needless to say we were standing at the end of the day. I think the “imp boss” was harder the this guy!
A short stroll down the hall way and a few flawless core hound packs later Magmadar wasn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Our in house hunter and an on his toes guest like a pair of America snipers kept this from a “why you so mad bro enrage fit”. One trial round and a second round for good measure and we sent this puppy to the pound!
Getting closer to the end of our scheduled raid time we decided … Ehh Gehennas ¬†was more of a once and done boss. With almost flawless execution we drop him on our first go round great job decursers !!
Special thanks to guests we had along for the run, thank you for  joining us and for your cooperation.
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